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About us

Since 1995, we’ve been providing A1 accountancy services to our clients, steered by our watertight values and principles.



With three comprehensive packages and a number of add-ons, we can equip you with everything you need to help you ride the waves of contracting.



Whatever you’re searching for, our scope of industry knowledge and resources can help.


Personalised Contractor Take-home Pay Calculator

A personalised calculation from our team will give you a good idea of how much you can expect to take home each month, and how contracting through your own limited company could benefit you.

If you are thinking about making a move to contracting fill in the form and our best advice team will call you to discuss the best solution for your individual circumstances, and answer any questions you may have about your take home pay or contracting in general.

At Nixon Williams we believe that it is important to adopt an ethical approach to dealing with our clients. Our take home pay calculation provides a more realistic picture of what you could expect to earn as a contractor as compared to many other online calculators that often show high take home pay values but can’t deliver them in reality. That’s why over 5000 contractors trust Nixon Williams as their accounting partner.

Request Your Personalised Calculation, Today

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