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IR35 Review

Our comprehensive IR35 contract review service will clear the waters surrounding IR35.

IR35 is a tricky piece of legislation, and many contractors know this all too well.  While the effects of being inside IR35 are well known, it’s not always clear whether your contract will fall inside or outside.

If you do find yourself subject to an IR35 investigation, HMRC will want to review both your contract as well as your working practices. By assessing your working practices, HRMC will want to determine the actual working relationship between your limited company and your end client to determine whether you are working of your own accord or as a disguised employee.

Help is at hand, thanks to our IR35 review service.

Starting from just £75 + VAT, our range of IR35 review services have been created to give you peace of mind about the status of your contract.

What is on offer?

We offer three core services:

  • A comprehensive IR35 contract review
  • A self-assessment questionnaire
  • Unlimited IR35 contract reviews
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What is an IR35 contract review?

During an IR35 investigation, HMRC will request a copy of the written contract, however, they will also construct a hypothetical contract between the end hirer and the contractor. HMRC will consult with the end client and other parties to do this and therefore the working practices are equally as important as the written contract. Our comprehensive IR35 review service considers both.

How does Nixon Williams assess your contract?

Our IR35 specialists will assess your contract, considering the employment status tests laid down in case law. This includes the right of substitution, control mutuality of obligation and additional factors relating to your contract.

We will also highlight the contract’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to IR35. We then provide recommendations on what can be incorporated into the contract or working practices to help support, or show they are outside of IR35. The document can also be used as evidence of ‘reasonable care’ during an IR35 investigation.

What do I need to do?

Once you have decided to request a review with us, we will ask for a copy of the contract, as well as needing you to complete a questionnaire which will ask about the contract and your working practices.

Once this has been completed, the full written assessment will be compiled and returned to you within three working days.

What is a self-assessment questionnaire?

A self-assessment questionnaire will provide you with an assessment of your IR35 status based on the answers that you give about your contract and working practices. As hinted in the title, a self-assessment questionnaire will be completed by you, where you will provide us with information about your current assignment.

The assessment will consider the key employment status tests including control, mutuality of obligation and substitution.

How does the process work?

Once a request is made, we will send out an email containing the self-assessment questionnaire for you to fill in.

Following this, we will provide you with an indication of whether your assignment falls inside or outside IR35 based on the answers you have provided in the questionnaire.

What are unlimited IR35 reviews?

Being a self-employed contractor, it’s highly likely that you will have multiple assignments throughout the year.

Rather than paying individually for each review, when you sign up to our professional package you are entitled to unlimited IR35 reviews. This means that you can be assured that any assignment you take can be assessed to determine the IR35 status at no additional cost.

Find out more about the benefits of our professional package here.

Have you been deemed inside IR35?

We understand that when it comes to IR35, it’s not a one size fits all. Fortunately, our expert advisers are well versed in the technicalities.

As a contractor you have to be adaptable. This is why we offer a margin free umbrella switching service in our Platinum and Professional packages.

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How is my IR35 status determined?

HMRC’s determining factors can be complex and will vary from contract to contract. Though no two contracts are the same, there are a few deciding factors which are used to establish your IR35 status:


The right (and ability) to provide a substitute if you are unable to undertake your duties is important to help distinguish you from an employee.


Providing services through your own limited company means that it’s likely you will have a greater level of control over your working hours and conditions when compared to an employee. HMRC will consider your levels of autonomy and to what extent your end client controls your hours of work, your conditions and the job you undertake.

Mutuality of Obligation

As an employee, your employer would ask you to fulfil certain tasks even if they don’t fall under your remit. For contractors, it’s generally accepted that you will be required to fulfil only what was agreed by your client for a set amount of time – and to move on once the work has been completed.

Looking for more advice?

Looking for more information around what IR35 could mean for you and how it could impact your working conditions? To get in touch with our team, call us on 01253 843186 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.