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With three comprehensive packages and a number of add-ons, we can equip you with everything you need to help you ride the waves of contracting.



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Contractor Surveys

Find out what was in the pipeline for contractors along with their attitude to some key issues.

The contracting world is a busy one, there’s no doubt about that. Regardless of whether you’re ready to test the waters or are a seasoned contractor, ready to share your pearls of wisdom, the results from our annual Contractor Attitude Survey are an essential read no matter where you are in your journey.

What is the Contractor Attitude Survey?

Every year, we give the independent workforce the chance to make their voices heard regarding their experience, as well as their views on the upcoming year. The report looks at areas such as daily rates, average contract duration, contract extensions and how contracting has an effect on everyday life. By identifying key trends within the industry and looking at the state of the marketplace, we believe this helps contractors like you to better forecast for the future.

The 2020 Contractor Attitude Survey is now closed. Keep an eye on our website and social channels to see how your input shaped this year’s survey and read more insights.

Past Contractor Attitude Surveys

Take a look at our Contractor Attitude Surveys from previous years.

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