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Since 1995, we’ve been providing A1 accountancy services to our clients, steered by our watertight values and principles.



With three comprehensive packages and a number of add-ons, we can equip you with everything you need to help you ride the waves of contracting.



Whatever you’re searching for, our scope of industry knowledge and resources can help.



Read testimonials from our clients to see how we help you navigate the seas of contracting.

The Nixon Williams team are committed to providing the best service possible for your contracting needs and we have thousands of happy clients. But don’t just take our word for it – here is a small selection of some of the positive things our clients have had to say about their experience.

Alison Corbett, Corbeal Ltd.

Alison joined Nixon Williams after her old accountant retired and a colleague recommended us. When asked about her experience with Nixon Williams, she enthused, “I’ve learnt so much – things have been explained clearly and gentle reminders have been sent in a timely manner, so I’ve not missed any payments or submission dates […] Nixon Williams has helped me to become more organised with the finances of my limited company.”

Alison decided to pursue freelancing after taking voluntary redundancy from her IT position. After working as a plumber for a few years, she returned to her original line of work armed with the insights of contract work. One of the bonuses for Alison was the newfound flexibility she has acquired, “I like the fact that if I end up in a situation that I am unhappy with, I could hand in my notice and leave – whereas it can more difficult to move, if you’re in a permanent job.”

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Iain Thomson, ICT Business Ltd.

Iain has been contracting for five years, and made the leap after a voluntary redundancy from his full-time job as a Business Analyst. When it came to choosing a contractor, Nixon Williams was recommended to him by a work colleague. He stated, “The Nixon Williams service is excellent – it frees up more time for me to do other activities, knowing that all my business paperwork and submissions are in hand with my trusted accountants.”

For Iain, one of the deciding factors in becoming a contractor was the wealth of new opportunities and experiences available. We asked about his motivations and he explained, “The flexibility contracting brings provides a huge benefit. When you are in a contract and earning, the take home pay is greater than you would earn when working directly for a company.”

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Phil Bonnin, Bonnin Consulting Ltd.


Nixon Williams was recommended to Phil by a friend, who described us as a ‘one stop shop’ for all accountancy needs. Phil has hit the ground running and since becoming a contractor, has even recommended our services to colleagues. When asked about the benefits, he explained, “Everything is simply laid out, and has been transparent and straightforward over the past few years. Their approach minimises the amount of time I have to spend doing administration work, and I appreciate the extra time generated by having a fully managed accountancy service.”

Phil enjoys the variety of different working environments and projects he now has exposure to. He also likes the flexibility of his finances and told us, “You also have great flexibility to tailor your limited company to match your financial needs, and pay yourself as and when you want.”

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Shahzad Zamurrud, AZ PMO Consultancy Ltd.

Shahzad has been with Nixon Williams since he first began his contracting journey almost a decade ago. He chose us due to our high recommendation on the Contractor UK website.

Talking about his experience with Nixon Williams, he states, “The initial few years were a little daunting, with getting to know what was required by law from my company and myself as an individual– but my accountant Anne-Marie is always happy to help with my requests, queries and often silly questions! She is very professional, has great accounting knowledge and is always able to provide the guidance I need.”

One of the greatest benefits for Shahzad was the balance which becoming an IT contractor offers, “There is no doubt that the take home pay is lucrative and the work/life balance is great as you can choose when and where you work.”

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 Dave Walker, IT Calbost IT Ltd.

Dave had always wanted to become a contractor, and after Nixon Williams was suggested to him by a friend, he decided to give freelancing a try.  Though the beginning was unclear, Dave says that he received a great deal of help and support from Nixon Williams: “I never need to worry about submitting incorrect information or missing HMRC deadlines. Nixon Williams always take ownership of any queries I have, and they don’t try to fob me off with a quick answer.”

Working as a freelancer brings Dave the satisfaction which employment did not, and he described his experience as ‘very rewarding’. “It’s great to be able to keep abreast of new technologies, and I love being able to come in and deliver for a client – seeing their reaction when you make changes and implement new systems. I also appreciate the lack of bureaucracy, red tape and office politics.”

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Julie Perrigo, The Real Cats Pyjamas Ltd.

For Julie, finding the right accountant was key. After a number of recommendations, she decided to give Nixon Williams a try. She explains, “I thought it was going to be complicated having an accountant, but because contracting is Nixon Williams’ specialism, I literally send them my monthly figures and everything else takes care of itself.”

Julie made the decision to contract after being made redundant, and has never looked back. “I really like the higher level of income, coupled with a comparative lack of responsibility – I earn nearly twice as much as I did as an IT Manager, but without any of the hassle that goes with it.” The financial benefits along with job security are largely to thank for Julie’s love of contracting.

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 Michelle Jacobs, MAKJO Ltd.

Michelle returned to contracting after taking a break from employment to look after her children. Having been a contractor for seven years prior to becoming a parent, she was keen to re-establish herself in the industry. Higher rates of pay and no office politics were the top perks for Michelle.

It was very important to Michelle to find an accountant who could help her understand the changes in legislation since her break. Before choosing Nixon Williams, she was sure to read as many testimonials as possible to ensure she was working with the right company.

“My main piece of advice to anyone considering going contracting is to get a good accountant,” she explains. “It’s very important having that relationship with someone who knows you well and has your best interests at heart – someone just like Nixon Williams!”

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Tom Ryder, Ryder Analyst Services Ltd.

Tom began working with Nixon Williams after a recommendation from a colleague and he liked how easy the team are to work with. He stated, “An easy set-up was definitely attractive, as was the ability to deal with Nixon Williams online – but for me, the most important aspect of the entire service is the fact that I have a dedicated point of contact.”

For Tom, his decision to choose contracting was based around the fact that he no longer wanted to be an employee, opting instead for the freedom and balance freelancing brings. We asked about his overall experience and he explained: “In my time with Nixon Williams I have never yet been disappointed, and I have lost count of the number of people I have referred their way.”

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Nixon Williams has provided support for thousands of contractors. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide all of the advice and support you need. If you have any questions about contracting, please contact a member of our best advice team on 01253 362062